A4 Mod Drum Sample Pack

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Drum sample pack was created with Elektron Analog Four Mk1. Sample format is suitable for Elektron Analog Rytm/Digitakt/Model:samples and any other samplers that can handle Wav files.

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"A4 Mod Drum Sample Pack" is a collection of synthesized electronic drum samples created on the Elektron Analog Four analog synthesizer, delivering a diverse and engaging collection of electronic drum sounds.

This sample pack contains elaborately programmed, realistic acoustic percussion sounds, authentic electronic drum sounds, and deep, fat kicks.

A4 Mod Drum Sample Pack features:

  • Unique sounds created with Elektron Analog Four: A full range of innovative drum sounds for electronic music.
  • High-quality acoustic percussion sounds: Realistic percussion sounds.
  • Authentic electronic drum sounds: Offers sounds that match modern electronic music.
  • Fat and punchy kick sounds: Heavy kicks are available for various genres such as dance music and electronica.
  • Unison, chord, and morphing waveforms created from A4 accurate single-cycle waveforms.


Audio Samples

  • 550 samples(24bit/48kHz/mono/WAV + 16bit/48kHz/mono/WAV)
  • BD-42, Bell-9, Chromatic Perc-94, Clap-9, CowBell-8, Cymbal-23, Hihat-13, Metal Perc-11, Noise-35, Percussion-112, Rim Shot-8, SnareDrum-61, Shaker-8, Tambourine-10, Tom-10, Wood-4, Synth Sounds-83

Digital Oscillator

  • Single Cycle Chord-12
  • Single Cycle Unison-14
  • Morphing Waves-14


  • 14 Wavetables[128 ~ 2048samples]
  • Single cycle waveforms tuned to Note C[48kHz/44.1kHz/16bit/WAV]
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Drum and Percussion Samples
Synth Samples
3 Digital Oscillator Samples
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A4 Mod Drum Sample Pack

0 ratings
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