A4 Mod Drum Patch Pack

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* NOT Audio Files

Sound Patches for Elektron Analog Four/Keys

These Patches are Drum/Percussion, Bass, Lead, Pad, Metallic/Bell and SFX sounds. I made this pack aiming mainly for acoustic drum sounds.

This pack was created using all the features of A4. In particular, I think that it will be helpful when creating percussion sounds , gong sounds and snare sounds yourself.

This pack can also be used with Analog Four MK2.

The difference in sound appears when you change the overdrive parameters. The main sound source is the self-oscillating sound of the filter, so there is no significant difference in sound between MK1 and MK2.

Including(339 sounds + 12kits/patterns)

  • 231 Patches(BassDrum-17, Bell-6, Clap-10, Cowbell-6, Hihat/Cymbal-10, Shaker/Tambourine-9, Percussion-36, Rim shot-8, Snare-31, Wood-5, Noise-14, Bass/Lead Sounds-31, Metallic Sounds-19, Pad Sounds-16, SFX Sounds-8)
  • 12kits,12Patterns
  • Additional sound patches-34(Percussion-27, Cymbal-5, Tambourine-2)[4/6, 2018]
  • Additional sound patches-15(BassDrum-4, Snare-4, Bass/Lead Sounds-2, Metallic Sounds-5)[4/13, 2018]
  • I changed the parameters of modulation wheel and aftertouch in the melodic patches(Other patches). There is no change in sounds themselves.[5/22, 2018]
  • Added 43 chromatic percussion patches.(These patches are adjusted from what was originally included in this pack.)[6/29, 2019]
  • Added 16 Alpha Juno 2 Style PWM Sounds[8/25, 2021]

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8/25, 2021
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A4 Mod Drum Patch Pack

2 ratings
I want this!